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it's not a fashion statement, it's a fucking deathwish

Lolita Scarred.
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A community created for broken and bruised brothers and sisters bound in their fate to be apart of each other's lives in love, life, friendship, and death. Now an open lounge for people from each corners of this earth to meet and share some thought, hang out, and rock this bitch until the wheels fall off. Enjoy.

rixxii datewithdecay
mended_x_inside scattereddreamz

We Will be here to asist you with anything.
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As noted above this community is for social purposes/entertainment. If you want to promote your band here, you may do so, We are open to new bands and such.

This is a music community also, so if you want to post anything about your favorite bands like news/lyrics/ your thoughts.. this is the right place for it.

Want to share your poems with us? Sure you may do so also.
Post piktures drawings? Band pikz? Art? Pikz of you? Hell why not..

Just one thing, No bashing of the members.. do it on IM, not in the community.
Also we dont mind if your promote other communities, but NO RATING communities here. We feel that their useless..


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